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Prato is the Flagship Store of Greenhouse Enterprise, a name trusted in the Kitchen And Lifestyle Design Industry for over 20 years. Being one of the earlier ones to lead the Concept of Lifestyle Kitchens into Indian Homes, Greenhouse launched ‘PRATO’, its newest product line, crafted for excellence.

PRATO specializes in Bespoke Modular Kitchens and brings an array of Products developed with constant innovation and ideas. At PRATO, we believe in delivering solutions to cater to the changing modern-day needs by spinning engineering expertise and creativity together to bring Design and Lifestyle solutions that are not only stunning aesthetically, but also extraordinarily Functional, pledging impeccable Service and Assistance.

How we work

01. Counselling

At PRATO, We understand that today, Kitchens are the heart of the home. They are no more the back-end spaces to do chores, instead, they are spaces that impart a very social experience where we cook, sometimes host friends, have conversations at parties and even cook together. Do you love to cook? Do you like to entertain? Do you want an exclusive counter space? How are your Kitchen Habits? Our Research and Counselling is the first step that helps us deliver a tailor-made kitchen that fits your lifestyle just right.

02. Designing

The design process includes working with the on-site dimensions, location and spatial arrangement of your kitchen. The Experts at PRATO work with individual clients while understanding their habits, challenges, and expectations to inspire a design that not only adds value to the homes but also to their lifestyles.

03. Execution

The Kitchen Installations are an End-to-End process at PRATO, right from the materials to the finishes, ensuring a perfect inch to inch fit with the desired cabinet-interior configurations, locations of permanent utilities and required heights along with the best-suited points for hobs and chimneys, built-in units, etc. The custom-made Prato Kitchens are assembled on site to the point of a finished look since we’d love you to only remember how much of a breezy delight it was to have your Kitchen and Lifestyle cobbled into an everyday experience.


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